Vinyl Banners

Matte or Glossy Outdoor Banners

Vinyl banners are water resistant, and easy to store and carry by folding or rolling them up. Matte banners have more of a satin or dull finish compared to the shinier, glossy banners. Hemming (Reinforced Edges) on the two longest sides is included at no extra charge on every order; it helps to clean up those edges and add resistance to possible tearing.

If you have your design file ready, select UPLOAD AND ADD TO CART below. If you need a design, You can try BEFUNKY, a great online option for you to create your own design with. OR give us shout and our professional designer will contact you to work out a price! We’re friendly, experienced and cost-conscious.

Looking for something you don’t see here? More copies? Different size? Hemming all sides? More Grommets? Send us a contact form with what you need and we’ll get right back to you!


Product Specifications

Sizes: 36″ x 24″, 48″ x 12″, 48″ x 24″, 48″ x 36″, 48″ x 48″, 48″ x 60″, 60″ x 12″, 60″x 24″, 60″ x 36″, 72″ x 36″, 72″ x 48″, 84″ x 36″, 84″ x 60″
Full colour (one side)
13 oz matte or gloss vinyl (rolled; same price for glossy or matte)
Ranges from 1 to 10
Coating Options:
Turnaround: 4 – 5 business days for production. Shipping time depends on your location; usually 1-3 business days.

Grommets: Grommets are corner holes surrounded by metal rings that are used to hang banners or signs on walls or posts with cord. Select no grommets, or corner grommets – all 4 sides, or every 2-3 feet, top and bottom. (this third option applies to banners that are long enough to accommodate extra grommets)

Hemming: Hemming Is a process where the edges are heated and glued together with a hot iron. This process improves the rigidity of the sides and helps avoid tears.



1 copy, 2 copies, 3 copies, 4 copies, 10 copies


36" x 24", 48" x 12", 48" x 24", 48" x 36", 48" x 48", 60" x 12", 60"x 24", 60" x 36", 60" x 48", 72" x 36", 84" x 48"


No Grommets, Grommets in all 4 corners, Grommets every 2 to 3 feet, top and bottom

Surface Finish

Glossy, Matte


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